5 Questions to Ask Your Eugene Dentist at Your Next Checkup

As a dental office in Eugene, Oregon, we understand that patients are the ones who typically are answering questions during a dental visit and not asking them. However, it’s important for patients to ask the questions they need to in order to take control of their dental health. Here are five questions you should ask your dentist next time you go in for a checkup.

1. Are There Better Ways I Should Be Caring for My Teeth?

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day and have good flossing habits, there still may be ways in which you could do a better job of caring for your teeth. Your dentist might tell you that certain parts of your mouth aren’t receiving the same amount of attention as other spots, or that you need to spend more time brushing in general. They might also recommend you start using a specific mouthwash or give you pointers on how to combat a specific issue.

Whatever the case may be, you won’t know unless you ask.

2. Do You See Any Problem Areas Developing and What Can I Do about Them?

After an appointment, you should leave your dentist’s office with a good idea of your overall dental health. This should include if there are some potential problem areas developing. Maybe there are signs of the early stages of periodontal disease, or maybe there’s a tooth that looks like it could be heading towards a cavity.

If there are problematic areas, you should also make sure to ask what steps you should take between now and your next checkup to mitigate the issue.

3. Is There Anything I Need to Tell My Family Doctor?

Sometimes, medical conditions will present themselves in your mouth. This could range from warning signs of osteoporosis to side effects from new medication. If your dentist notices something, you’re going to want to notify your doctor as well.

4. Do You Have Any Recommendations for My Diet?

Your diet has a very large impact on your oral health, and your dentist may want you to avoid eating or drinking certain things. Your dentist may recommend eating less sugar and drinking less soda, or they may recommend you include more Vitamin C in your diet. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the connections between their diets and their oral health. Make a point at your next checkup to see if your dentist has recommendations for you.

5. When Should I Come in Next?

It has become an industry standard for regular dental checkups to be scheduled every 6 months. While this will work for most patients, there are some cases where you may need to visit a dentist more frequently than twice a year. For certain patients who have excellent oral health, it may not be necessary to have a dental exam more than once a year. Don’t just assume that you are due for an exam every six months. Ask your dentist to see what they recommend.

You won’t be able to ask any questions of your dentist if you don’t first schedule a checkup. Contact Holub Dentistry of Eugene today!